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Welcome to the website of the “Volga Region Oil” company.

“Volga Region Oil” (“Neft’ Povolzh’ya”) company was founded on August 19, 2002 and specializes in carrying out geological exploration and the development of new hydrocarbon deposits.

Currently, the company owns 5 licenses for the use of subsoil plots in the Saratov Region, one of the oldest and most promising oil and gas producing subjects of the Russian Federation. The potential resources of this region are quite large: they amount to about 700 million tons of oil and 1 trillion cubic meters of gas. The presence of a developed 
infrastructure and a low level of development of this territory are a big advantage for exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

“Volga Region Oil” is working in the Privolzhsky district of the Lower Volga oil and gas region: the South Coastal (Yuzhno-Pribrezhnoye) and Skatovskoye fields, the Kochetnovsky and Coastal (Pribrezhnyy) areas. The company’s activities are geological study, exploration, drilling and production of hydrocarbons.


Geological exploration in the South Coastal (Yuzhno-Pribrezhnoye) deposit of the Saratov region.

The goal of the project is to conduct oil and gas exploration at the South Coastal field to clarify the geological structure of the tula deposit, the position of the oil-water complex, the thickness and nature of the distribution of reservoirs, lithological dissection of the section, determination of the reservoir replacement areas, refinement of production capabilities and the construction of a technological scheme of development of the field.